This Excellent Poster Is A Handy Guide To Killing An Alien Xenomorph

You never know when you'll need to take the fight to a particularly nasty Alien - but never fear, as this fantastic poster by Ryan Brinkerhoff not only shows you a few tips, but also looks very stylish.

Styled as a Weyland-Yutani informational poster, Brinkerhoff's poster has got plenty of little Alien tidbits in to delight fans as he covers both the most important parts of an Alien's body to avoid getting stabbed/eaten/melted by, as well as a few select Colonial Marines weapons to swear by if you ever find yourself being hunted by one. Check it out in full res below:


Of course there's a Nuke it from Orbit joke. How could there not be?

You can read about Brinkerhoff's process creating the poster here, and buy prints of it from his store.

[via Reddit]

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