This Expensive Perfume Smells Like Pot In The Classiest Way Possible

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Richard E. Grant is a noted teetotaler who played one of cinema's greatest lushes in Withnail and I. Now, the actor is shifting gears by introducing Jack, a British-branded, pot-scented perfume, that—well, it's like he went all Mad Libs on his next career move, because this just seems bizarre.

Of course, Grant is not the first to have the idea of bottling the aromatic essence of weed, and those jonesing for a quick hit can wrap their lips around everything from condoms to lollipops that have been instilled with that distinctive flavor.


This classy take is billed as a unisex scent with "top notes of lime, marijuana and mandarin, heart notes of clove, pepper and nutmeg, and base notes of oud, vetiver, white musk, tobacco absolute and olibanum resin." Guessing that means that a few spritzes won't have you smelling like you just dominated a Camberwell Carrot in a dingy flat—maybe more like you took a tasteful toke in the sitting room before your guests arrive for a fancy dinner party.

You can pre-order your Union-Jack bagged flacon for a whopping £95 here. Come April they will be available for purchase at Liberty, London's preeminent department store and wholesale Purple Haze supplier.* [Jack Perfume]

*Liberty does not actually sell Purple Haze.

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I've shared a car with a 'chronic' user (several times every day for fun) and I nearly gag at the scent of pot-smoke wafting off of him even when he's fresh out of the shower. I can only imagine how gross this scent is going to be... yeccchhhh