This F-18 Hornet Pass Just Froze My Gonads

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Unless you have been right next to one in real life, it's easy to forget how gigantic jet fighters are. They are truly huge mothers. Take a look at this image of a Navy F/A-18F Super Hornet swooshing by a building in a low pass along the Detroit River in Detroit.


Madness? This is THE NAVY! [Navy VetsThanks Gonzalo!]

Update: I forgot that I wrote about this back in 2009! Brain. Fried.

Image by AP/The Detroit News, Steve Perez

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When I was a student at UC San Diego in the late 70's, we used to get Top Gun wannabees from Miramar all the time. One morning, I walked out onto my balcony in the student apartments just in time to see an F-14 Tomcat passing between my balcony and the 11 story dorm on the other side of the gap—basically the above view less than 90 feet away. Almost blew me off the balcony and deafened me for twenty minutes. The pilot blew through the gap, rolled level, and pulled an almost 90 degree pull up over the Chem building in the near distance, hitting AB (afterburners) and almost shattering all the windows in the area. We later found out that his girlfriend was a student at UCSD and he'd timed the whole act to show off to her as she was leaving her O-Chem class. Needless to say HE wasn't driving an F-14 anymore (although I always wondered how he talked his RIO into going along with that stunt!)