This Flexible E-Ink Display Will Be in Real Devices This Summer

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The future of digital reading is flexible. And by flexible, I mean bendable, not multipurpose. Now, LG has announced the first malleable, plastic e-ink display, and while it's hardly Retina, it will be appearing in devices as early as this summer.

The six-inch display is made of plastic, which allows it to bend at an angle of up to 40 degrees. It's also thinner—at just 0.7 millimeters—and lighter than its glass counterparts, weighing in at 14 grams.


The craziest part is that the display is already being shipped to factories in China, and LG hopes to have products on the market by "the beginning of next month." That sounds ambitious, but you definitely expect to see the display in devices by the summer. [Engadget]

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I'm trying to imagine what the rest of the device design such that a bendable display is a benefit and not just an interesting feature that has been forced into a product just because they can do it.

Bendable up to 40 degrees is nice and all, but if the result is some weird contraption with a hard chunk along one edge and this display flopping around out of the side, I'm failing to see any real advantages.

I guess a picture "frame" style device where the rigid part is at the top and provides a way to hang the rest of it could work, but that seems overkill for a tiny e-ink display.