This Freaky CG Title Sequence Is So Beautiful I Can't Stop Watching

GIF: Vimeo

Forget the uncanny valley and not-quite-perfect CG humans freaking you out, this title sequence for London’s recent OFFF digital arts festival will make you so uncomfortable you’ll want to burn your laptop. But at the same time the animation is so beautiful you might find yourself watching it two or three times instead.

The sequence was created by the UK-based post-production studio FutureDeluxe, and features entirely digital humans and mesmerizing simulated particle effects that will give you a strange urge to bathe in a tub full of rainbow glitter. Or is that just me?

[Vimeo via The Awesomer]

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Maybe I’m missing something. Its visually neat and technically very well done. Emotionally its empty for me. It didn’t tell me anything and I felt nothing.