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This Full Scale F1 Simulator Is Insane

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If you are tired of your Motion Pro II and want to upgrade to the best thing after a real Formula 1 car, here's the BRD 06, a 1:1 scale F1 with a fiberglass and carbon fiber composite monocoque chassis.

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Not only this thing looks perfect inside and outside, it has amazing specs:

• 66" equivalent ruggedized TFT display system comprised of triple 24" screens.
• Powder coated steel motion platform construction combining high strength and a modern architectural look.
• Utilizes the highest grade low friction linear slide technology, for smooth and reliable operation.
• High performance, high helix ball screw technology to deliver high G-loads reliably.
• BRD's new Pro-ST powerful force-feedback steering system creating an unparalleled level of road feel and fidelity.
• Quick-release F1-style carbon fiber steering wheel with optional fully-working LCD display on the wheel.
• F1-style gear lever paddles.
• Purpose-built accelerator and pressure sensor based brake pedal to give realistic travel and feel.
• Powerful built-in 5.1 surround sound system to give an incredible aural experience.
• Structural carbon-fiber suspension system.
• Fully built-in, electrically-adjustable pedal base to give, at the press of a button, adjustment of the pedal position, which will allow the cockpit to accommodate drivers of most heights.
• Pre-Preg Carbon fibre re-enforced Nomex F1 seat body contoured profile for additional comfort.
• 4 Point Racing harness.
• F1 show tyres and wheels.
• Authentic padded cockpit headrest

Illustration for article titled This Full Scale F1 Simulator Is Insane

No public price tag on this beast, but since I can only afford this Lego tiny simulator, I don't need one. [BRD Simulation via Born Rich]


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Moonshadow Kati aka Lady Locksmith

For the price (which I assume is tremendous), you could probably go to one of those tracks where they let you drive race cars for real... But that is one shiny replica. =)