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This Fully Loaded, Column of a Kitchen Is Actually Becoming a Real Thing

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

With populations growing and cities overcrowding, space-saving designs are amassing a huge, highly lucrative following. The only problem is that they often stay just that—designs. But after being unveiled at the recent Milan Furniture Fair, at least one innovative appliance is leaving concept land to become a reality: Ecooking, a fully functional, vertical kitchen.


Designed by Massimo Facchineti, the towering column of a kitchen includes practically anything an industrious, space-starved chef could need, plus a few things you wouldn't even think to want. Kitchen basics are obviously covered with a fridge, oven, induction cooktop, sink, dishwasher, and a (basic if you're Italian) espresso maker. But then there's everything else: multi-stage water filtration, side-mounted herb garden with UV light, dining surfaces seating up to six, extra storage, AND a solar panel to cut costs.

The modular unit will be available in a real, physical form for real, actual people to buy sometime in early to mid-2014. Pricing is still undetermined, but for anyone aching to own one, hopefully space is the only thing they're short on. Because in all likelihood, these towering beasts will likely require piles of cash that are just as high. [LifeEdited]