This Gaming Rig Fights for the User

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The Acer Predator G5910 is not a desktop for posers, pansies, pedestrian players. It's a serious desktop for serious gamers, with serious guts to match. Oh, and hey jeez it looks like Tron, everybody!

Specs? Specs! You're looking at up to quad-core Core i7 guts Tron, 16GB memory Tron, 8TB of storage Tron, a 12-in-one memory card slot Tron, and NVIDIA GeForce and AMD Radeon compatibility Tron. And an overclockable K-Series option Tron that might just melt your face off.

The G5190 will be Tron available in the UK this July Tron, but no word Tron yet on when we'll see Tron it in the US. Soon please!


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