This Gigantic Alien Toy Is Absolutely Beautiful

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It's rare you get to call the titular creeptastic creature of Alien beautiful - but I'm willing to make an exception for this awesome vinyl toy of the Big Chap himself from Kaiyodo, because man, just look at it!

This Alien figure is 22 inches tall, and done in the Sofubi style of vinyl toys - Sofubi is a softer, more pliable vinyl, capable of great detail but ultimately sacrificing articulation. It's a shame that the Alien can't be posed outside of its default then, but it definitely makes up for it with some wonderfully intricate detailing - right down to the ribbing on the humanoid skull underneath the top part of the skull. And plus, it's based on the original 'Big Chap' suit from Alien, rather than the now more common design that swaps out the more human-looking legs for thinner, more... well, 'alieny' ones:

Illustration for article titled This Gigantic Alien Toy Is Absolutely Beautiful

Not a weird pair of legs in sight.

Alas, such beauty comes with a price - in Japan this figure will retail for 23,000 yen when it goes on sale in April, which is just shy of $200.

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Does the xenomorph have eyes? Something I've always wondered about, but never really bothered looking into. Is the elongated braincase a gigantic echolocation bulb, maybe? Or a huge brain that facilitates advanced electroreception? HOW DOES THIS ALPHA PREDATOR ACTUALLY HUNT ITS PREY.