Earlier this year, Hot Toys unveiled their wonderful 1:6 scale Darth Vader, which you'll be able to pose and do with as you see fit later this year. Sideshow have now unveiled their own take on the Sith Lord, and while he's not as moveable as his Hot Toys counterpart, he's still wonderful to gaze at nonetheless.

Although Sideshow's line is called the 'Premium Format Figure' collection, they're not really figures at all - they're solid statue bodies, but instead of the entire sculpt being made in resin or polystone or what have you, the sculpted bodies are then 'dressed up' in actual material outfits, essentially giving you the look of a scaled figure, but preposed and all fancy looking.

And fancy looking Darth is! At 1/4 scale he runs bigger than the Hot Toys 1:6 version, and atop a nice, Death-Star-Esque base he certainly cuts an ominous figure (even without all the stage smoke Sideshow pumped in for their photoshoot!). The statue is also wired up so you can light up Vader's lightsaber, turning it from fancy statue to even fancier - and highly impractical - lamp at the press of a button.


Vader is as pretty as he is pricey - when preorders go live tomorrow, he'll set you back a hefty $500 if you want one. Check out a few more pictures over on the Sideshow blog.

[via Toyark]

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