This Gorgeous Sheet of Glass Is Actually an Expensive as Hell Radiator

I won't fault anyone for spending $3,640 on this radiator because it looks so flipping cool. Called the Matières à Chaud (Hot Matters) and designed by 5.5 Designers in Paris, its sheet of glass (only half an inch thick!) uses Quantum Glass to heat the room up.

Quantum Glass, eh? Sounds fancy. And it sort of is! Quantum Glass, as 5.5 Designers describes it, is a thin metal coating which is inside the glass sheet and emits infrared rays when turned on. According to "the infrared rays then emit heat that's roughly equivalent to that radiated by the sun and can be controlled with a thermostat or a digital controller."


The thing is pure sex, like a minimalist garden sprouting in your living room. [Saazs via]

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