This Gorgeous Statue Imagines The Cybermen As Men Of Stone, Not Steel

What If Doctor Who's Cybermen found themselves upgrading to stone bodies rather than metal ones? It seems highly impractical from a movement perspective, but at least we know it'd look downright beautiful thanks to this new bust from Edge Sculpture.

Based on the Cyberman design first introduced in Neil Gaiman's Nightmare In Silver, the 18" tall bust was sculpted by Matt Buckley for the BBC over a period of several months. As you can see though, it was worth the wait as it looks pretty darn magnificent.


It's almost like it was cast in stone and then shattered, before being artfully stuck back together again. Can't say that about many repair jobs in a way! The distressed look to the sculpt makes it stand out all the more, the otherwise curved lines of the Cyberman helmet contrasted with the sharp, angular cracks. Lovely stuff.

The bust is now available for order from the BBC Shop for a whopping £250 (thats $370, in case you didn't know) ahead of its release next month. While you're eyes are still watering over that price tag though, you can check out an interview with Matt on designing the piece over on the BBC's website.

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