This Halo Plasma Rifle doesn't drain shields, it drains Wallets

Oh my. This beautiful recreation of one of Halo's most iconic weapons sure is pretty, but you may want to prepare your wallets for how pricey it is. I wonder if the Chief realises that every time he just finds one tossed on the floor during his shootouts.

Based on their appearance in Halo 2 - to coincide with the recent release of the games' Anniversary remaster - the Plasma Rifle is about 24 inches long, and comes filled with LED's so it can glow and look all Plasma-y. It also happens to weigh 15lbs, so while you can't actually shoot someone with it, you could beat them to death with it! They should probably not put that on the back of the box.


Triforce are also releasing a Red 'Brute' variant, but before you get too excited, check out just what one of these will cost you - the limited run of the blue 'Elite' Rifle is $600, while the red one is $650. Holy crap, that's a lot of dollars for a video game gun. Considering they were often dual-wielded, that's like, over a grand's worth of Plasma rifle! If you're still interested, they're available for preorder from Triforce's webstore.


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