This Handsome Bracelet Unrolls Into a Ruler

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We've managed to strap computers and and even multitools to our wrists. But what happens if you suddenly need to measure the length of something and you're far away from your toolbox? You're screwed! Or you were screwed. No longer, thanks to this clever bracelet that doubles as a bendy ruler.


The Wristband Ruler comes in four different sizes: 15, 16, 17, and 18 inches, each for $20. You're supposed to double wrap the wristband and wear it a little loose, so keep that in mind when determining your size. The the handmade ruler has both metric and imperial markings, just like the one in your desk drawer.


OK, perhaps this wearable ruler is more aesthetic than functional. After all, it's leather, and leather does stretch. But as long as you don't yank on the bracelet too hard is should keep its shape and give you a fairly accurate measurement. It's especially useful for measuring non-flat lengths, like the circumference of anything round. Just as long as you don't depend on it to measure super-precise dimensions on your fine woodworking project, it'll prove itself handy in no time. [ILoveHandles via Boing Boing]

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So this is the reverse of a snap bracelet?