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This Has Got to Be the Easiest Way to Fly With an Infant

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Contrary to popular belief, airlines won't let you stow a baby in an overhead compartment. So this FlyeBaby hammock makes traveling with an infant on a long flight slightly more bearable. Not to mention cheaper, since you don't have to pay for an extra seat.

The top of the FlyeBaby attaches your tray table, which must remain upright and locked during takeoff, landing, and any time you wish to use the kidhammock; your child then sits in your lap secured to the hammock by a five-point safety harness. So even in the worst turbulence Junior should be safe (as long as the tray table stays put). Not only does it save you from having to hold a fidgety young'un through an entire flight (it's still required during take-off and landing) but it also means the kid is always facing you, making it easier to keep him entertained. While on the ground, it can be secured to any seat.

There are some drawbacks to the FlyeBaby, though. If you're flying alone you'll have to disconnect it before you can head to the bathroom. And dining will certainly be a challenge since it renders your tray table completely inaccessible. But for $45, if it has the potential to thwart a possible temper tantrum or crying fit on a crowded flight, it's totally worth the investment.


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