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This Hilarious Song About Tumblr Pretty Much Sums Up the Entire Internet

Illustration for article titled This Hilarious Song About Tumblr Pretty Much Sums Up the Entire Internet

If you use Tumblr or Facebook or Twitter or any site like that, you'd know that they're all complete time sucks. Hopping onto Tumblr is especially dangerous because of all the rabbit holes you can crawl into—food, tasteful nudes, fashion, tasteful nudes, animated gifs, tasteful nudes, virally reblogged reblogs and other stuff like tasteful nudes. It's like if each Tumblr post was singing for your attention.


CollegeHumor hilariously decided to turn all that is going on in your Tumblr dashboard into a musical of sorts. Each post has its own verse, each gif has its own voice. It's wonderful. It's hilarious. And it pretty much sums up the entire Internet on Tumblr experience—everything is basically just screaming for your attention. It's the soundtrack of using a computer. To be honest, I actually would love it if websites started singing to me. [College Humor]

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The Artgineer

And I thought it was only because I poorly chose who I followed, but it is exactly what I've been seeing...


soft porn

Gifs of British men (Benedict Cu.... him and the Dr Who's mostly)

Various leggings I think...

I don't even have interests in those things, apart from the soft porn, tasteful half naked ladies are always nice to look at.