This Homemade Thor: Ragnarok Trailer Doesn't Need Production Values to Be Fantastic

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Marvel spent something on the order of $100 million filming Thor: Ragnarok, which should give you an idea about why—now that the movie’s close to release and we’ve seen a couple of trailers—everything about the film looks incredible. But how much would it cost to shoot the trailer at home... with cardboard?

Turns out it doesn’t really matter how much money you drop trying to recreate the trailer for a multi-million dollar movie, so long as you’re creative as hell and enjoy running around in your backyard having fun with your friends.


Over the weekend, Hungarian indie filmmaker Ákos Varga got together with a bunch of folks, a whole mess of cardboard and twigs, and spent some time putting together a dead-on, sweded Ragnarok trailer—complete with flying space ships (made of cardboard), the Hulk (made of cardboard), and a Rainbow Bridge that looks suspiciously like a PC screensaver projected onto a screen. Once you accept that Asgard was mostly built out of cardboard anyway, Varga’s trailer suddenly becomes an immersive experience that’s utterly indistinguishable from the original. Anyone who says that they can tell the difference between the two trailers is a liar.

If Marvel’s comparatively less creative trailer got in the way of your being able to appreciate Varga’s talents for what they are, here’s trailer all on its own for you to bask in.

Thor: Ragnarok hits theaters November 3.