This Hot Toys Batman might be the burliest action figure ever

This might not be the craziest or most lavish Batman product Hot Toys have ever made - that award goes to perhaps either their 1:12 scale version of The Bat or the ludicrously extravagant Dark Knight Armory - but this newly revealed Batman figure might just be the bulkiest pile of plastic Bat-muscle they've done.


Created to celebrate the Dark Knight's 75th birthday, and based on Batman's appearance in the hit Rocksteady video game Batman: Arkham City, this 1:6 scale rendition is so muscled up the Hong Kong based toymaker actually includes its super bulkiness as a bullet point in its product release details.

Aside from his marvellous physique, the figure also comes with a variety of hands to pose him combat ready, almost combat ready and relaxed (seriously, there's both 'partially clenched' and 'relaxed hands' in there. So many hands!), as well as in a variety of grips to hold various bits of Batman's arsenal from the game, including a Batarang and the game's explosive Bat-Gel sprayer.

He also comes with an alternate angry head, because duh. HE'S THE GODDAMN BATMAN.


Grr, I am the Night, etc., etc.

You can preorder the figure from Sideshow Collectables for the whopping-but-worth-it price (as it always is with Hot Toys) of $230 - but he won't be muscling his way onto your shelf until Q1 2015.


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