This Imposing Quarter-Scale Vader Figure Stands Over Two-Feet Tall

One of the greatest bad guys in movie history deserves a figure that stands more than just six-inches tall. So Sideshow Collectibles has finally done Anakin Skywalker some justice with its upcoming quarter-scale Vader that's just over 26-inches tall. That's just about the size of a newborn infant, minus the dirty diapers and constant crying.


When available starting sometime in March of next year the $500 figure won't be quite as articulated as other highly-detailed collectibles. Vader's head can turn, but that might actually be the limit of this figure's range of motions. It's impressively-detailed, though, with over 11 artists being credited for its sculpt and paint job. But most importantly this Vader's lightsaber does light-up and glow, which is the only detail most of us ever actually care about when it comes to Star Wars collectibles. [Sideshow Collectibles via Toy People]


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