This Incredible Space Aurora Video Trumps Any Earth Fly-By—Ever

This breathtaking time-lapse of Earth's auroras as seen from the flying International Space Station is one of the most beautiful videos I've seen in my life. I can't even begin to imagine the feelings that astronauts must experience when they watch this in real time.


It truly must be the most exhilarating yet most humbling experiences any human being can go through.

If you are experiencing playback problems, please refresh your browser using F5.

The video was created by our friend Félix Pharand using time-lapse NASA images released yesterday. He employed the same technique used for last weekend's stunning fly-by.


Félix is the anthropologist and visualization expert behind Globaïa, one of the proponents of the Anthropocene geological era. This era begins when humans started to significantly change the surface of our planet using engineering.

It's ironic that, for all the changes that we have inflicted upon our home planet, Earth keeps reminding us how immensely beautiful she is and how insignificant we are compared to her power and the cosmos that surrounds her. [Thanks Félix!]


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For those of you having problems seeing the video, you might try refreshing the page (sometimes it takes a couple refreshes). For me, many times when posts on Giz with videos load up in both Firefox and Chrome, I get a blank white area where the video is supposed to be. But refreshing fixes it and it plays.

Now if you are getting an actual video not available message...I got nothing.