This Innocent-Looking Power Strip Can Hack Almost Any Computer Network

What looks to the layman like a chunky under-the-desk computer power strip is actually a full-fledged hacking tool designed to let white hat hackers (aka the 'good' guys) test the security level of a given computer network, wired or wireless.

With Wi-Fi, ethernet, Bluetooth, and an entire suite of hacking software tools built-in, the Power Pwn can let anyone put an office's computer network to the ultimate security test. And with an optional 3G/GSM adapter, they don't have to be anywhere near the facility being compromised. Not surprisingly, the development of the Power Pwn was partly funded by DARPA, which has a vested interest in protecting the government's networks, but with a pre-order price tag of almost $1,300, it might just push some non-government types into a life of hacking crime to afford it.


[Pwnie Express via BoingBoing]

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