This Instagram-Street View Mash-Up Is a Stalker's Wet Dream

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As if Instagram wasn't already an amazing way to snoop on what people are doing around the entire planet, a new website called The Beat lets you see exactly where the photographs were taken, too.

Put together by Rutgers' Social Media Information Lab, the site uses Instagram's API to tie geotagged photos to their physical location captured in Google's Street View. Red high heels at 3 Carrer Menorca, Catalunya? A beautiful Christmas tree at 192 San Benito Way, San Francisco? A bacon sandwich at 3 Lindisfarne Way, Thrapston, England? A girl in a pink bikini at 1125 Pittwater Road, Collaroy? You bet.


The site lets you filter images by hashtag, so you can be as pervy as you want, and then shows you a constant stream of Instagramed pics, as well as the Street View location at which they were taken. Use this gift wisely. [The Beat via Design Boom]

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*disclaimer* I do not use instagram

That being said, there are several options regarding this:

1) Turn off geo tagging of your photos

2) Deal with it

3) Don't post your entire life on the internet. Share it with people in person.