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We may earn a commission from links on this page

This iOS Keyboard Finally Lets You Draw Your Own Texts

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

GIF keyboards. Typo-busting keyboards. Even just Swype. App developers have been going wild since iOS 8 finally gave us the ability to install third party keyboards, but this might be the most fun: It's called DrawType, and it lets you sketch responses right in your texts.

For .99 cents, DrawType gives you access to a very simple color and pen palette right in your messages. You access it just like you would your Emoji or any other keyboard, except instead of a grid of options, you get a blank canvas. Once you've drawn a response, it copies the image to your clipboard and lets you paste it into the response box. It's stupid-simple functionality—after all, you could doodle and copy/paste with any other drawing app—but the integration with Messages is priceless.


Wired spoke to the creator, who gives a hint at what this keyboard will inevitably devolve into: "You have no idea how many penises are in my text message conversations now," he tells Liz Stinson. But you could also use it as a boredom buster as you sit stranded in one of any number of crowded airports this week. Not that the two are mutually exclusive. Go wild. [DrawType; Wired]