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The Biggest Airlines, Ranked By Thanksgiving Delays

Illustration for article titled The Biggest Airlines, Ranked By Thanksgiving Delays

Holiday travel is hell. Combine early winter weather with hoards of angry passengers rushing for their childhood twin beds, and delays are pretty much a given. So how long will you yourself get to spend sightseeing around a crowded airport terminal? Depends on who you fly.


Since not all airlines are created equal, we've averaged together Thanksgiving week airline data from the past six years to see which ones have the highest chances of putting you through holiday hell. And to those flying JetBlue (or Southwest or Alaska or anywhere at all really), you have our condolences.

1. JetBlue Airway

Flights Late: 15%

Average Delay: 42 minutes

2. Southwest Airlines

Flights Late: 15%

Average Delay: 40 minutes

3. Alaska Airlines

Flights Late:15%

Average Delay: 39 minutes

4. Delta

Flights Late: 15%

Average Delay: 36 minutes

5. American Airlines

Flights Late: 13%

Average Delay: 47 minutes

6. US Airways

Flights Late: 12%

Average Delay: 31 minutes

7. United Airlines

Flights Late: 11%

Average Delay: 46 minutes

Image: Charles Krupa/AP Images

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Kate Knibbs

Shocked United isn't ranked higher.