This Is Amazon's New $99 Kindle Touch (Updated)

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Amazon's new Kindle Touch is $99. Businessweek also reported that Amazon's new Kindle Fire tablet is going to be an equally preposterous $200. The $99 price point is for the Special Offers version, though, so if you need a totally ad-free reader, the no-ads version will run you $139.


The tap zones on Kindle Touch have been rearranged-there's a small top area for the menu, a small area for previous page on the left, and next page fills most of the screen. It uses an IR touch display.


The 3G model is $149 and will have free, unlimited wireless. The no-ads version of the 3G unit is $189.

Kindle Touch will be up for pre-order today and ships Nov. 21st.

Update: The Kindle Touch is a beautiful piece of tablet. Thin, grip-able, and fine looking. The matte front is a great compliment to the e-ink display, and the absence of buttons is wonderfully minimal. But, most importantly, the Touch's touch works just swell. Keyboards inputs and taps were very responsive—very impressive for an IR display, which usually pales in comparison to a capacitive screen like the iPad's.

Aside from being able to use your fingertips, X-Ray, activated with a tap, should be the Touch's coolest new feature. The ability to get supplementary Wikipedia info on battles, politicians, places, world events—the most important terms on every page of any book—will be enormously helpful. X-Ray's like having endnotes for every book you'll ever read, and it's downloaded automatically alongside. - Sam Biddle

Update 2: Here's a lil' bit of video of the Kindle Touch, specifically highlighting the X-Ray feature. Very slick indeed. -BR


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Matt Condello

I'm confused, Barnes and Noble has had a 7 inch tablet and a touch screen E-ink e-reader since early this year. I own and love my Nook Color. Why is amazon getting so much attention for something that another company has already done. LOL Shows how brand brainwashed we all are.