This Is Firefox OS in Action

Firefox OS won't be coming to the U.S. until 2014, and chances are that its rather budget approach is not for you, dear gadget-obsessed Gizmodo reader. But Firefox OS burst onto the scene today at Mobile World Congress with announcements of new, upcoming handsets, and a global roll-out plan. It's poised to bring smartphone goodness to the feature-phone masses in a flash of HTML5 glory and this is what it looks like. What do you think?




Sorry but this will run like ass as we can already see on the video.. it scrolls choppy, design is simplistic and not that pretty and it lacks many things that major mobile OSs have.

This is what happens when you build an OS with a 15 year old scripting language that hasn't involved much at all and you try to use HTML5 as some kind of awesome thing.

We all know how HTML5 runs.. it blows. There's a reason why almost every company these days went from HTML packaged apps to native apps. It was terrible experience.

But I guess it's up to Mozilla to waste their time I guess.