This Is How Google Voice Will Ruin Your Relationships

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Long ago, someone wrote about how Google is out to control your dog and marry your wife. I don't know how right he was about all that, but I certainly know that Google Voice is out to ruin relationships.


You see, reader Pascal wrote us about a recent experience he had with Google Voice's transcription feature:

I recently set up Google Voice on my wife's new Nexus One, and today I was leaving work late and left her a voice mail whilst there was some background noise in the rain admittedly.

My message was supposed to be something like " Hey babe, I've just left work, its about 7:15. I'll see you at home. Bye. "


Pictured above is what his wife saw as a result of a voice transcription mangling. It reads like a dirty confession about Pascal's upbringing, drinking habits, and age.

Of course I'm exaggerating about something like this ruining a relationship, but it could certainly create some temporary confusion. Especially if you call your girl to tell her about the "trucking stunt" you saw earlier in the day. [Thanks, Pascal!]

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So that's how they generate the cards for Mad Gab!