This Is How We Control Space

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You know Space Fence, the system that tracks almost every object orbiting planet Earth. What I didn't know is that their software is amazing, with a user interface out of a good sci-fi movie. I really want to play this game:

Operated by the Air Force 20th Space Control Squadron and created by Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and Raytheon, Space Fence is a multistatic radar system capable of detecting almost everything that moves in orbits up to 18,641 miles (30,000 kilometers). From the Hubble or the International Space Station down to the four-inch long metal shards that resulted from the collision of a commercial Iridium communications satellite and a defunct Russian satellite in 2009, this thing can track anything.


Space Fence is vital for our life down here. Thanks to this tracking system, space sciences can move forward, Earth-monitoring, weather and communications satellites can be put in orbit, and astronauts can fly spacecraft or the ISS in an almost safe way. [Lockheed Martin]



How do people get jobs at a place like that?