This Is How You Fake a Non-Existent $2.6 Million Supercar For a Commercial

You need more than just a brochure to convince someone to spend $2.6 million on a supercar. So when Bugatti wanted to tease its upcoming Chiron, the follow-up to its revered Veyron, last year, it had to turn to the special effects wizards at SLGH to fake a CG version for a promo video, because the car didn’t quite exist yet to actually film.


Since the Chiron is an upgraded version of the Veyron, the effects team was able to simply film a special version of the existing car, covered in tracking markers, which allowed them to seamlessly composite a CG version of the new supercar atop it.

[SLGH via The Awesomer]



I feel like this just reenforces that the Chiron is a re-skinned update to the Veyron. Not that that’s bad, it’s just not new.