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THIS is how you photograph a pride of lions

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

It's hard to get more up close and personal than this – but how does one go about capturing such spectacular photographs?

Screenshots captured from "Car-L meets the lions".

The answer: by strapping a DSLR inside a heavy duty, radio-controlled camera buggy and driving it right up next to a pride of very curious lions.

This was the enterprising approach taken by travel photographer Chris McLennan on a recent shoot in Botswana. He calls his 4x4 camera creation (which was engineered by Carl Hansen) "Car-L." The incredible photoshoot is documented in McLennan's short video "Car-L meets the lions."


I love how private these photos feel. That these lions are clearly wild, battered and scarred from a life lived on the plains of Botswana only adds to the highly personal esthetic. (I found myself particularly transfixed by the lioness with the blind eye.)


McLennan's creation managed to safely photograph a lion, but may have sparked more curiosity in the lionesses than he bargained for. Still, he says Car-L "survived his injuries and is ready for his next adventure." We can't wait to see what he photographs next.

Check out more of McLennan's innovative work on his website.

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