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This Is the Most Brilliant Way to Smuggle a Beer

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The immense popularity of Starbucks means that every other person you see on the street is holding one of its highly recognizable green and white paper cups. So what better way could there be to hide a can of beer in plain sight than with this special plastic lid that lets you camouflage it inside a coffee cup?

The Lolo Lids snap onto the top of almost any regular-sized canned beverage—be it beer, soda water, or pop—and allow your contraband beverage to be then inserted into a medium or large-sized paper coffee cup of your choosing. It doesn’t have to be from Starbucks either, even generic Solo-brand paper coffee cups will work.


Available in white or black versions to blend in with the cups used by your city’s most popular coffee chain, the $12 reusable Lolo Lids also create an airtight seal around your can when inserted into a paper cup, helping to keep its contents cooler longer. Is there a chance you’ll still be caught trying to sneak a beer into a venue where it’s not allowed? Of course there is. But until these become popular enough for security guards to catch on, they’ll be foolproof for at least a little while.

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