This Is Objectively the Worst Logo for Anything

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Have you ever heard of Highlight? I hope the answer is no, because incoherent "social" app has a logo that's so horrible it will actually give you a headache. A physical headache, in your head. It's dangerously bad.

TechCrunch says the app—which is a mish mosh of social bullshit, allowing you to tag people, highlight things, upload photos, geo-kiss your mother, I don't even know—is making "Another Bid For SoLoMo Supremacy." Do you know what that means? I hope the answer to that is also no, because it means nothing. It means absolutely nothing.

It means absolutely. Nothing.

But even if it did mean something, this app has screwed itself into a position worse than hell's lake of fire, because it's covered with a logo that actively makes you want to look away from it. Even the app's icon is retina-offensive. If you are ever thinking of designing an app, or a website, or literally anything, make sure it doesn't look like someone welded 3D glasses to your face and them bombarded you with gamma rays. [TechCrunch]

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