I want a ride in the sleekest Lego spaceship I've seen in a long time

I love Lego everything, but spaceships are by far my favorite subject. The great ones—like this one by sioka sculpting—are outstanding examples of sci-fi design and engineering—it's the best way to materialize your future space exploration dreams.

Too bad Humanity can't build these at full scale. Yet.


I also love the descriptions they usually come up with:

This is the ice-trawler Polynya, a vehicle used to tow space bergs from the Oort cloud and Kuiper belt to the Neptune way station for processing in to fuel. Constructed by the Sevmash exo division at the Alpha Centauri Bd Severodvinsk orbital dockyards, the Polynyas keel was laid down in 2382 and released from dry dock for fitting on 14.4.2384. Polynya became operational on 12.11.2384 and after successful trials was delivered to its new owners Kuiper Chemicals at the Triton orbital yard.


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