This Is the Bike Tech of the Future (And Soon It Could Be Yours)

A bike painted with a coating that glows at night! Wheels that charge your phone! Rims that turn your bike into a moving rave! Be prepared to have your mind blown at Gizmodo's Commuters of the Future Bike Event on May 18—where inventors and designers will be demoing awesome cycling tech (you could even win some of it!).


On Sunday at from 12pm to 1:30pm, a group of designers and inventors are stopping by Gizmodo's Home of the Future in SoHo to demo some of the coolest bike-borne tech we've ever seen. What's in store? Well, first off, we'll have an amazing custom bike designed by the awesome Mott Street Cycles here on the Lower East Side—outfitted with Revolights, a set of wheels embedded with LEDs that give you a halo of light that can't be missed for miles.

Kent Frankovich, the inventor of Revolights, will even be on hand to show us how they work—and he and the crew from Mott Street will even be giving away a free custom bike with Revolights already installed (they'll also be hosting a group ride on Monday evening).

Awesome as it is, that's only a fraction of what we'll have on hand. Want to harvest the energy from your brakes? Assaf Biderman, the associate director of MIT MediaLab's SENSEable City lab, will be on hand to show you how to install the Copenhagen Wheel, a rear wheel that sucks up the energy from your bike's brakes and uses it to speed up your bike when you're going uphill.

On a CitiBike? No problem: Jeff Guida is stopping by to demo ShareRoller, a tiny box that turns any CitiBike (and other models) into an electric bike. Still too cumbersome? Try out an Atom, a tiny add-on designed by Siva Cycle that sucks energy from your wheels and pushes it to a USB port to charge your gadgets.

One bike we'll have on hand, designed Voltaic System's Jeff Crystal, actually carries its own solar array:

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So, what about gadgets beyond energy? Designer Jared Loveless—along with his trusty assistant and son—will demonstrate his Throwback Rack, a retractable add-on that gives any bike its own scooter:


And we'll have plenty of other bikes and components on view, too—from Specialized, to Local Motors, to San Francisco's Mission Bicycle Company.

To review: Awesome bikes, really cool tech, tons of hands-on demos, and the chance to win one beautiful, beautiful bike. Come by—it's totally free, and it's going to be a lot of fun. Just remember to RSVP here.


Commuters of the Future: Bike Workshop

When: May 18, 12-1:30pm

Where: 268 Mulberry Street, near Houston Street in SoHo. Nearest subway: Broadway-Lafayette.


Cost: Free!