This is now the longest train journey in the world

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21 days. That's the time it will take to complete the largest train journey in the world. 6,200 miles (9977 kilometers) from Yiwu, China, to Madrid, Spain. It's part of the New Silk Road, a Chinese project to gain control over transcontinental cargo transportation between Asia and Europe.


The route is much longer than the Trans-Siberian Railway, which at 5,772 miles (9,289 km) was the previous record holder. The Washington Post writes:

On Nov. 18, an 82-container freight train left the eastern Chinese industrial city of Yiwu. It was embarking on a landmark journey that is supposed to end 21 days later, in December, in Madrid.

The Chinese government is spending $40 billion in this bid to gain control of land-based transportation through Asia and Europe—and that's just the beginning.

According to The Economist, the train carries consumer products from China to Europe and will bring back expensive products, like luxury cars and other high-priced goods.

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That would be an amazing trip. Any of those lines would be. A friend of mine recently did the Trans-Siberian trip with his wife, lucky sod.