Or rather, what it would look like: Lockheed Martin's Scorpion glide bombs, seen here floating toward their targets mesmerizing slow-mo from the bay of a high-speed ground sled, will drop from the skies, not the carpool lane.

The Scorpion is designed as a possible replacement for the current, heavier munitions on Predator drones, or, in concert with a "Gunslinger" deployment pod (not unlike a plane-mountable version of the aerodynamic ejection pod seen above) as a way retrofit heavier larger, typically less-armed planes with laser-guided bombing capabilities. Despite being years into the development process (these internal videos date back to 2006), Lockheed hasn't secured any buyers yet. And yeah, as far as weapons technology goes, the Scorpion is a relatively minor upgrade. But what isn't at all minor in the number of times I've watched these videos today, each time expecting an explosion, and never, ever getting it. [Danger Room]