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This Is What Happens When a Phone Explodes on Your Leg *GRAPHIC*

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

You have the Internet in your pocket. The ability to communicate with anyone in the world at your fingertips. A big and beautiful glass screen that's asking to be touched. Too bad all those things can combine into one giant firework bomb in your pants. We've all heard about phones exploding and seen the damage it causes, here's what it looks like up close. It's terrifying.

**GRAPHIC IMAGE BELOW** If you get queasy easy, you should probably not scroll down any further.


An 18-year-old girl's Samsung Galaxy S III exploded in her pants when she was at work and what was once a usable phone became a mangled, warped slate of fire that severely burned her leg. It's insane to think that the phone you're either using right now (or maybe just put down 5 minutes ago), can become a burning a bomb. The girl whose phone exploded actually had to have her pants ripped off in order to prevent further injury.

And the burn was bad. Real bad.

Here's the burn that the exploding Galaxy S III left on her thigh:


Any phone can explode, it's not an often occurrence but it's not an impossibility either. iPhones. Android phones. Windows Phone. Blackberry. Whatever. Just be ready to toss that damn fire bomb as fast as possible if it does. [Le Matin via Android Beat]