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Does the thrill of accelerating a dragster to speeds of almost 300 miles per hour outweigh the tremendous risks involved with the sport? It’s hard to imagine David Tremayne wanting to climb behind the steering wheel again after he lost control of this dragster at speeds few of us will ever experience on four wheels.


An onboard camera caught the accident after Tremayne had accelerated to 296.6 mph while trying to break the UK’s land speed record. While decelerating his dragster swerved to the left and flipped, taking out one of the onboard cameras in the process, but a camera in the cockpit kept on recording the aftermath. Remarkably, Tremayne walked away from the crash with just a few bruises, and was given the thumbs up by paramedics to try to break the land speed record again.

How many second chances to you have to get before you decide it’s time to find a safer hobby?


[YouTube via The Press]

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