This Is What the Apple Watch Would Look Like If It Were Round

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The new Apple Watch was a very exciting surprise: a device with bucket loads of potential that's also just a wonderfully sophisticated thing to wear, too. But what if it were a bit more... round?

These renders, which have appeared on Facebook, show what the new Watch UX from Apple would look like if it sat on a circular screen. And, honestly, we have to say: it looks pretty damn great. The home screen, with its circular icons; the 360-degree health monitoring; even the conventional watch face. They all look so nice on a circular screen.


Of course, we've seen such hardware design before in the shape of the Moto 360. It's not one without its own problems: anything that uses a lot of text, for instance, doesn't work particularly well on a round screen. But many of the aspects of the Apple UX seems to fit so well with the round face.


Of course, a circular Apple Watch would bring its own problems. The super-smart crown, for instance, wouldn't work so well, and squeezing the guts into a circular space is far more of a headache for its engineers. (And at an rate, Apple already has a task ahead of it to build a rectangular watch).


But whatever. What we know is that the round case and face look amazing. We just hope that one day—even if it is some way in the future—Apple might make one for us. [Facebook via Phone Arena via Pocket-Lint]