This Is Why I Want Photoshop 1.0 on My iPhone Right Now

Photoshop 1.0 is old—20 years old to be exact—but it looks brand-spanking-new and fan-freakin'-tastic on an iPhone. Forget the newest version of the image editing software, because after seeing this teasing demo, you'd be happy with 1.0.

This demo is all we're getting for now as the app was only made available to about 50 people who attended the Adobe Photoshop anniversary event, but that won't keep us from feeling nostalgic and desperately wanting to edit images with it.

Adobe Photoshop 20th anniversary iPhone app created with Ansca Mobile's Corona SDK

San Francisco, CA | February 18, 2010 | A limited-edition Adobe Photoshop 20th anniversary commemorative iPhone app was released to select attendees today at the Photoshop 20th Anniversary Event organized by the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP).

The Photoshop 20th Anniversary app was spearheaded by Russell Brown, Adobe's Senior Creative Director and one of the original Photoshop team members. The app itself is a replica of Photoshop 1.0, which Adobe debuted in 1990 exclusively on the Macintosh.

"I really wanted to do something special to commemorate 20 years of Photoshop, and the best thing I thought of was a nostalgic iPhone app," said Brown. "Since I had less than two weeks to make it happen, I came to the best iPhone team I knew, who were able to use their Corona SDK to pull it off with utmost speed and faithfulness to the original product."

To build the app, Brown enlisted the help of Ansca Mobile, creators of the Corona SDK. The Ansca team utilized Corona to bring the essence of the original Photoshop to the iPhone.

"With Photoshop 20th, we were able to bring a legendary product to the fastest growing platform today," said Ansca Mobile co-founder Walter Luh. "Given the extremely short timeframe, we knew the only way to offer the image manipulation features from the original Photoshop was to use Corona."

The Photoshop 20th Anniversary app incorporates the definitive feature of the program's first release. Users can fully adjust the white/black levels and gamma of their photos, including separate red/green/blue channels, while working in a faithfully reproduced 1990-style Photoshop 1.0 interface – all from their iPhone.

Video of the Photoshop 20th Anniversary app being demoed by Brown himself can be seen at The Corona SDK can be purchased for an introductory price of $99 directly from Ansca Mobile.

About Ansca Mobile

Ansca, Inc. ( empowers anyone to create mobile applications. Led by an award-winning team of former Adobe mobile software engineers, Ansca Mobile creates innovative products which allow developers of all backgrounds to unlock their imagination. Ansca Mobile's Corona platform enables designers, engineers, and non-traditional developers to quickly create and share applications designed for the Apple iPhone.

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is it just me or was this guy overly enthusiatic about a 20 year old piece of software. Iquote: "i am going to touch this icon. this original icon right here on the home screen. listen to that! the sound of your mac turning on!" Gimme a break. it is cool it's on the iphone. but not life altering cool. coolio for your bung who-lio my foot.