This knitted Klingon Bat'leth scarf is Qo'noS high fashion

As September gives way to October, the chill of Fall is in the air - and any true Klingon warrior worthy to fight off the cold of winter would be well equipped with Kimberly Gintar's knitted scarf, which doubles as a Bat'leth.

When folded out, Kimberly's design takes on the form of the Klingon's trusty melee weapon:


But it's flexible enough to drape around your neck as a pretty fancy looking scarf, too! The perfect DIY Trek accessory for the winter months ahead of us. If you or a keen knitter in your life wants to make one of your own, Kimberly sells the pattern for the scarf on Ravelry for $6. Qapla'!

[Geek Crafts]

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