Sadly, the wonderful Legend of Korra doesn't have long for this world - but hey Nickelodeon, any chance you could spin it off into a Power Rangers style series about Benders? As this mashup proves, it could be pretty damn amazing.


The fine work comes from Youtuber The Unusual Suspect - who you might remember from this amazing Guardians of the Galaxy/Star Wars mashup earlier this year - and mashes together Korra with specifically Power Rangers: Samurai. I dunno about you guys, but I'd like to think that some day, when Civilisation in the Avatar world has gotten to creating TVs, there'd be a show like this featuring actual Benders. I mean, if Bending can be a sport, why not make it the basis of a kid's action show too?

You can check out Unusual Suspect's comparison video below, to see how close he got to Samurai's original opening:

Not bad at all!

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