This Lamp Opens Like a Blossoming Flower to Cast More Light

Mother Nature has had a lot more time to perfect her designs than we have. And since she hasn’t bothered patenting a single one, we’re free to not only use her creations as inspiration—but to straight up steal them. So if you’re trying to create a pendant light with an adjustable beam, there’s no reason not to just rip off how the pedals on a flower open each morning.

That’s exactly what KDID has done with its new Pirouet light that features a series of interlocking curved shutters that extend and retract via a lever on top. If you want just soft ambient lighting in a room, you can extend them all the way to create a glowing ball. But if you want to illuminate a table or workspace beneath, you can retract them to expose the LED bulb inside.

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The Pirouet ranges in price from around $630 to just shy of $740 depending on whether you want the ability to dim the light, or even adjust its color. And while the version pictured is designed for use in Europe, you can also order a version that plays nice with the US’s power standard.

[GetPirouet via designboom]

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Jerk Dently

It’s neat, but IKEA will probably have a knock-off for less than 10% of that price.