This Lego Hachi-Roku makes me want to go drifting

It was a fantastic surprise to be greeted with the above model today. Allen Hickmon, of the Just Brick League was commissioned to create this super sweet AE86 model as a birthday present for yours truly.


I am a gigantic fan of Initial D and have been working on some mini-figure scale versions of the famous cars from the series on and off for several years, but they mostly just gather dust on my build table. Allen really nailed it with this model. This thing is fantastic.

This also reminds me of the awesomeness that was put up a couple months ago on Lego Ideas. Though, I highly doubt that this will get to 10k votes and even if it does, I don't think Lego would choose models based on a somewhat obscure anime and manga for production. We can try though, right?


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