This Lego Keyboard is fully functional and fully awesome

Jason Allemann just built the most awesome computer keyboard you could ever dream up made out of Lego bricks and Technic axles—because everything is awesome when playing with Lego.

Starting with the touch membrane from a generic, discarded keyboard, Allemann built the entire key carriage and keyboard out of Lego bits. Every key uses a standard Lego for its face—which required some creative interpretation for the various symbol keys. For example, the "HOME" button uses a red pitched roof brick, while "CAPS LOCK" on this keyboard is a minifig baseball cap next to a lock. Get it?


On his excellent blog JKbrickworks, Allemann says that despite a little flexing in the Technic frame, the keyboard works just as well as a run-of-the-mill unit. And it's about a million times more fun. No more button-mashing, now you can brick-mash!

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