This Lego video might give you an orgasm (and cure you of insomnia)

This Lego build of the Burj Khalifa may cure you of insomnia, and possibly give you an orgasm. According to Health24 "filmed in a certain way, seemingly ordinary acts like this can cause your brain to flip out and enter an orgasmic state." It's called autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) and it's pretty awesome.

The phenomenon...refers to a tingling feeling at the top of the head that is being punted as a therapeutic approach to a range of problems. The response is being billed as orgasm-like because of the way it affects the same neural areas and imbues most of the same benefits as an effective bout of lovemaking, it just does it with a computer screen and some headphones.

The post-orgasmic state is one of the most relaxed periods a brain can be in. Therefore, this relatively easy way of getting there could be transformative for those struggling with certain conditions. Chronic anxiety, insomnia and depression could potentially be treated with this intervention, reports the Huffington Post.


Insomniacs have responded overwhelmingly positive to these types of videos, which are narrated in a slow, calming voice "commonly associated with hypnosis." I watched this video last night and I can attest that watching someone build Lego with relaxing narration is, in a word, sublime.

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John Bigbooté

I don't know. I didn't come once while watching this.