This Lego VW Type 2 T1 Bus is absolutely incredible!!

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Having already built what is probably the coolest Lego Beetle that ever existed, builder Sheepo has churned out another spectacular Technic model. Normally, Technic models barely come close to looking the part, but this thing is unmistakable as the hippie van of the 60's. If the looks weren't enough for you this thing also has all the pertinent parts of an actual car.

The 1:7.8 scale model comes complete with opening and latching front and side doors, and a trunk and bonnet you can peek inside. There is a working steering wheel and brake pedal, because the thing actually has brakes. Drums in the rear and disks at the front.


It has a functioning transmission. Yes, you read that right. 4 forward gears and 1 reverse.


Just like the real Type 2, the chassis is the same as the Type 1 and they are actually interchangeable between the two models, meaning that in addition to the manual chassis of this Bus, there is also a working R/C Chassis.


The following video shows all the details and functionality, there is even a test drive. I imagine you too will have to pick your jaw up off the floor after seeing this thing in action.

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