This Life-Size Wall-Hugging Figure Is Actually Only Half an R2-D2

Here's a real head-scratcher from Bandai. If you've always wanted your very own R2-D2, but, only have enough room for the R2 part, there's now this life-size 'action figure' that's actually only half of the droid. Weird.


It's designed to cozy up next to a wall to help hide the fact that half of your droid is missing, but it makes up for it (almost) with motion-activated sounds that trigger authentic R2-D2 sound effects. So what does half a life-size figure go for these days? You're looking at dropping just shy of $300 for this piece when it's available in Japan next year, so you might want to consider keeping it in mint condition inside its gigantic packaging. [Bandai via Akihabara News]

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