We've all marvelled at those high-speed photographs showing the point of impact when a speeding bullet pierces and shatters a lightbulb. And thanks to a Swedish company called Gässling, those moments are now frozen in time in real life, with a series of pre-shattered bulbs created using 3D printers.

Larger than your average bulb to show off their incredible details, these Breaking Bulbs are printed using a white nylon material so, ironically, they're actually pretty hard to destroy any further. But they still work, thanks to a six-watt LED bulb inside.


Three versions are available, but the most popular will certainly be the 'Bullet meet bulb' which is an iconic image of a lightbulb meeting its demise. Sadly, though, a pre-broken bulb will cost you just north of $600. So if you've got some super glue and a lot of patience, you might just want to consider breaking and making your own. [Gässling via Freshome]