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NASA's Instagram accounts are awesome. And since everyone can follow them, they're places where science and space exploration inevitably collides with human stupidity and fatuity in the most entertaining way. Here's a list of 52 embarrassingly dumb comments that I've picked for your pleasure:

tony_smith45 Please explain why stars are not visible in the back ground?

nightride1986 Lmao at all these naive idiots ^^ keep believing all those nasa lies


niki__like Are these all pictures real

nightride1986@anthonychristie never landed on the moon, they photoshop and hide things from there space footage and in photos of the moon and mars, they disclose everything they know about ufos, they silenced there own 'astronauts' when they spoke of what they would see in space, they don't allow live feeds of there transmissions because of this, dozens of nasa employees have been fired or quit as the government has increased security levels so even they can't access, see and control what they used to. Also go and look up the Black Knight satellite, nasa are the one the biggest liars and fronts in the world.


pilypr24 keep on spending money and people still dies of hunger don't have sense

fahads94 Thanks for fucking the ozone. Idiots

stuenk91 Interesting how you cannot see one star in space??

pilypr24 waist of money and economy still going down

ramelara $$$$$$$ badly spend, Help The Humans First!

czar_apostate The only thing Im missing on the side of that spaceship...... Good old CCCP


cgoodman_96 Fuck you nasa they'res rock aliens on the moon

beinjason When "rover" or however you spelled it hit the ground in mars a majority of the US didnt know of it or could care less, its sad but @nasagoddard you need to redneck your scene up a bit get people interested like when we landed on the moon, instead of "rover" how about alien planet crushing machine with mud flaps with naked girls, that will catch americas eye


nico_3100 OMFG, why do yoy want to look for life outside earth if we dont know how to preserve the one we have on it??

tone__e So is there people actually on their way to Mars or another rover?

_cuzimdukes_ There was never any water on mars. It doesn't have the proper Magnetic Field, nor has it ever lied within the Habitable zone for water to exist.


salwa1997sosy Fu***** NASa ,, Why're U cheating Us ???! How can the flag move ,,, with No AIR !!! We're stupid Ha ?

jtattoos No stars in space??

elnowri_ No air , how can the flag move !!

rim_attar And theres no gravity how is he standing?

greensushi Flags can wave in a vacuum. But getting through the Van Allen belt is a mystery!


markandginapa How Powerful God is look what he did Ty god

ainnafm What i have to do and what i have to learn to be an astronout? Is it math and science? Answer me pleaseeeee


mrburcham17 Do something productive like GO TO THE MOON. ITS BEEN 50 YEARS

_darkwonderland Tis blurry why is it blurry fix it

jmohl_23 Ozone hole is only temporary and isn't something to worry about

uhmchristine How great is our God! The moon and the stars declare who He is :) wow! I'm in awe of Gods beautiful creation!


leon_naomi Where are the stars someone explain

laughingjellycloudxd What are those thingies coming off of the sun??? Why is the sun much brighter from a distance? Are you able to loom directly into the sun in space?


krshacstllo why aurora (northern and southern) are not visible in the philippines?

inlovewithspace@nasa how much longer is your organization going to keep lying to the public ?


wbcamerahouse Its going to blow up on launch.....iv had the dream twice now

k458642 Yes this is what the lord jesus has made hes made this universe.

matvacher Galaxies are fake and nebluas

crackizwhack God did all this!! #amazing.

gurcanbabacan Where's the idiots american flag! U.S.A me been Laden... Fuck american people!


chrishcoon That looks fake everyone I've shown it to says its fake.

veronica2194 See Gods creation in all its majesty. His works speak volumes and he cannot be denied!


@nasagoddard hey can you tag my name in your favorite nebula photo? Like in a comment?

And nothing stupid but funny to see how Cuarón's movie, Gravity has affected the average Instagram user:

thebe1999 Just like the movie gravity

jenengkutia Like Gravity The Movies.... :D

almansoorihamad After watching gravity movie, that Astronaut thing looks awesome

nourahalnuaimi GRAVITY

yolyanthony85 Gravity...

nachinags gravity film?

melbny #gravity

rfsparks Um, have they seen the movie, "Gravity"?

skandarwhe GRAVITY!

triboy_313 Gravity

iyadhariz Is this George Clooney :p

cpjackattack You should see the movie gravity

lil_vanya George Clooney

The list could probably reach Alpha Centauri, but I'd leave it here.


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